Learn How to Write a Book

Two nights ago, I received a kind, quiet, amazing email. A writer I respect wanted me to know that she’d gotten as far as Module 4 of my online novel-writing course but then had to quit because one of the exercises made her realize exactly. which. story she needed to write. She’s already written 20K words of it!

When I got her email, I was feeling overwhelmed by fear. You only have to pop on the news at any given time to see why, and if you’re like me, the world chaos is being mirrored in personal relationships. It's like all our collective muck is rising to the surface. Her email brought me back, though, reminding me that we must battle our own demons first.

Claiming our stories changes us, and sharing our stories changes the world. I truly believe that.

So, that $99 online novel-writing class, the one that removed her block so she could see the story she needs to write? I’m making that free, not a single string attached. You can click here for more information.

If you are a beginning writer (ie, you've never written creatively before), this course include supplements to orient you to the basics. If you're an experienced creative writer, this course will show you how to deepen your writing by infusing it with transformative personal experience. Feel free to share the free course link far and wide. Let's spread courage and kindness like it's our job! (Because I suspect it might be.)

Happy winter,
and big love
to you!


p.s. If you prefer a face-to-face workshop, please join Ali and me in France in June and/or Lake Tahoe in August!

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