Write Your Story in France

writing retreat in france

Jess here. I’ve been a tenured writing professor for twenty years, published 18 books, and have taught creative writing workshops all over the world, but I’ve never been as excited for a retreat as I am for our June 2-8 retreat in the French countryside. The villa is stunning, cool, funky, with space for everyone to come together but also to be alone to reflect (as an introvert, this is important to me). The nearby 11th-century abbey (literally right next door) lends this aura of spirituality and solidity to the experience. This picture is from the private villa’s deck—I can’t wait to write there!

I’m also so looking forward to meet the women who’ve already signed up. In reading their initial emails, I hear so much hope (I am on a journey of bravery), fear (I haven’t written much, and I’m scared everyone will be better at it than me), and strength (I’ve been finding reasons not to make this leap for so many years; I’m finally making reasons TO leap). I empathize with those emotions, and I also know the superboost my writing and my personal evolution get when I hang out with creative women. We all have something to offer.

If you’re thinking of joining us, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. I know I’d have some if I was committing to a week away, writing, meeting new people, and traveling to a new country. Allison, besides being a powerful writer and life coach, is fantastic at answering travel questions (she is a world traveler, multilingual, and is living in Germany at the moment). I’m all here for the writing questions.

As our New Year’s gift to you, we are offering $99 off the French countryside retreat if you register before 15 January 2019, either by putting down a $500 deposit or paying in full. I hope to see you in France!

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