The Gift of Writing

I was at a writing conference this past weekend and one of the speakers asked, “If you knew that you would never be published, would you write?” 

Hell, yes!

Would you practice yoga knowing you might never become a guru?

Would you cook knowing you might never be a Michelin-star chef?

happy women write

Would you do any craft you love doing knowing you might never sell an item?

Of course. We do these creative activities because they bring joy in the process themselves.

Writing has some extra-special side effects, like reducing blood pressure, releasing tension and boosting your immune system.  Jess Lourey provides a thorough overview of the medical benefits of writing in her book, Rewrite Your Life

Writing is one of the most amazing things out there. Where else can you watch a free movie in your head? Writing has also put me in touch with forgotten emotions and healing insights. Honestly, I'm not sure why this free therapy isn't hyped more often—writing is so cathartic.

When aiming to write a good book, they often say, find the heart of your story.  For me, writing has lead me to my heart. So go write something today; you’ll get so many benefits from it!