Top Five Reasons to Go on a Writing Retreat

You’ve always wanted to be a writer. You have a head or notebook full of ideas, you read stories or watch movies and feel inspired, maybe you’ve even started your own article, short story, novel, or memoir. But then you get stopped somewhere short of your dream. You tell yourself you don’t have the skill or the time, and that maybe someday…

Or possibly you’ve never seriously considered being an author, but you know you want more creativity in your life, more balance. You want to see the world and join a community of like-minded women interested in laughter, personal growth, and good food. Plus, you suspect you’ve got some stories to tell but aren’t quite sure if anyone else would be interested in them…

If either of these resonates with you, here’s why signing up for a writer’s retreat might be just what the Fates ordered:

1.       You’ll refine your writing craft – Any good writing retreat will meet each participant where they’re at as a writer and take them to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or have several publications under your belt, there is much to learn about writing, and we can’t learn it all at once. At any one point, we are at different places with refining our story, whether conceptualizing it, writing it, editing it or polishing it. In short, we all have stuff to learn about writing.

2.       You’ll explore the world on an intelligent vacation – A writing retreat is a fabulous way to visit a new location that’s been chosen for its inspirational setting. A well-curated writing retreat guides you to connect with your surroundings on a deep level, to draw nourishment and creativity from them, and to take that sense of exploration and peace home with you. Plus, you’ll get to stay in glorious villas that you may not otherwise be able to.

3.       You’ll make serious progress on your writing project – Writing a book requires dedicated mental space and a container of time. A writing retreat will give you a structured place to write so that your project will advance and all those exciting storylines will be created. Also, not only will the writing retreats leader(s) give you great feedback on your storyline, the other participants will be hearing about your writing project and offer you assistance as well.

4.       You’ll have new writing buddies to champion you Face it: writing can be a lonely business. However, at a writing retreat, most of the participants will be on the same wavelength as you, interested in making serious progress on their project. You’ll share a lot with these new friends, praising or complaining about the lodging, food and writing instruction, discussing the innermost secrets of your characters, working through plot snarls. This intense bonding means that many of you will stay in contact for years.

5.       You’ll reset and recharge Most writing retreat leaders understand that a retreat is a balance between learning new skills and relaxing. With our lives seeming busier than ever, a writing retreat is an opportunity to find perspective and relief. You’ll feel good about giving your story and voice the space and investment it craves but also have time for naps, walking in the woods, and sunshine.

A writing retreat is an investment, one that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life. We still have a few spots available in our writing retreat in France this June as well as our writing retreat in California this August! The California writing retreat offers a special session on how to publish your book. Register today to hold your seat.

Allison QuaidComment